Infantry Falchion / Short Gun / Broad Axe (Foundry 1) : Ares Warrior Alliance in the 4 Newb Cities – [Beirut] Help Tailor, or [Alexander] Collect Wool, or [Istanbul] Slaughter Task, or [Athens] Task of Hide

    • All require weapon skill >=1
    • The kind of weapon drawing these quests give is random.

Cutlass (Foundry 1) : Get from learning Foundry Skill at the Skill Master.

Because you can buy normal, non-ranked weapon drawings of all other levels, I won’t translate and post the quests here.

Scroll up to find cities that sell weapon drawings, or use this city guide.

Generally speaking, Ares Warrior Alliance quest give weapon drawings (non-ranked) as rewards – you can find out more about these quests from Thora’s guide.